Food Sabotage

©2009-2012 ~Zarious

We all have those particular food items that make us cringe, convulse, or even faint at the sight of them. When you were a kid it was most likely broccoli. Unless of course, your parents tricked you into thinking you were eating miniature trees. Hopefully by now, being enjoyers of exotic foods and beverages, you've acquired a finer palate that appreciates these ingredients...

...Okay, lets be real, the odds of liking everything are next to zero. In fact, it may be less than zero. We still have that arch nemesis waiting to spring up at any moment and karate-chop your taste buds into submission. Well now, that palate-punching S.O.B. is going to get its second chance to make a positive impression in your mouth.

Being open-minded individuals (not to mention all-around rad), Kristy and Haydn have decided to give it their all to disguise, hide, conceal, and trick the other person into liking one of their top ten most hated food items. These challenges will be sporadic and secretive. The challengee, if the challengor is successful, will have no idea that one of their most hated food items is in fact being served to them - or at the very least, actually enjoy it. In essence their food will be sabotaged. How delightful. How genius. How daring. How utterly evil (insert evil laughter here).

Haydn's Arch Nemeses:
  1. Eggplant
  2. Octopus
  3. Mutton
  4. Tripe
  5. Cow tongue
  6. Liverwurst
  7. Strong bleu cheeses
  8. Salmon roe
  9. Blood pudding
  10. Durian
 Kristy's Arch Nemeses (is it wrong that I'm tempted to list all my favourite ingredients?):
  1. Eggplant.
  2. Real Coconut.
  3. Sourkraut.
  4. Anything McDonald's.
  5. Canned Vegetables.
  6. Cream Soda.
  7. Head Cheese.
  8. Curly Parsley.
  9. Non-Flavoured Yogurt.
  10. Marmalade.
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