Andhra Pappu (Dal)
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Beacon IPA Smoked Turkey Crostinis
Beet Medley & Quail Egg Salad
Cactus Jelly Bourbon'd Bacon Tacos
Endive "Cup" Risotto Balls with "Cup" Salad
Gooey Cheesy Baked Jalapenos
Habas con Jamon (broad beans with Jamon)
Leek Crisps w/ Lemongrass Chili Reduction
Parmesan Roasted Fennel with Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella
Spot Prawns on Toast
Tempura Mango
Zesty Chorizo Calzones


Driftwood Ale Onion Soup
Leek & Cabbage Soup
Ox Tail Soup
Russian Solyanka

Beet Caprese Insalata w/ Driftwood Ale Balsamic Reduction
Beet Carpaccio & Massaged Kale Winter Salad
Beet Medley & Quail Egg Salad
Endive "Cup" Salad
Purple Quinoa Salad with Cape Gooseberry Vinaigrette and Endive Chips
Sesame Tuna and Pea Shoot Salad

Mains (Vegetarian)

Andhra Pappu (Dal)
Bodacious Beet & Barley Burgers
Braising Greens & Caramelized Onion Tacos
Lazy Lady's Quesadilla
Poached Egg over Creamy Polenta (with mushrooms, blue cheese, & pistachios)
Purple Qunoa Salad with Cape Gooseberry Vinaigrette & Endive Chips
Simple Poached Egg Sunday Breakfast
Spicy Falafel

Mains (Pescatarian)

Driftwood White Bark & Lemongrass Mussels
Habas con Jamon (braod beans with Jamon) & Seared Ahi Tuna
Sesame Tuna & Pea Shoot Salad
Spot Prawns on Toast
Thai Green Curry

Mains (Carnivorian)

Baby Cow (Veal) Piccata with Red Wine, Mushroom Cream Sauce
Bag-Free Brisket (Homemade Corned Beef)
Butter Chicken (Murg Makhani) 
Braised Beef Shortribs with Espresso & Guiness Reduction
Chipotle Black Currant Burgers 
Chorizo & Chicken Paella
Hearty Lamb & Fava Bean Pot Pie
Homemade Hearty Beef Stew
Homemade Sweet & Sour Chicken
Hungarian Golyàs w/ Seared Cabbage
Incredible Crusted Steak Sandwich 
Lamb, Date Meatball Tagine
Lamb Roast Dinner
Lemongrass Coconut Milk Chicken
Moroccan Goat & Date Tagine
Nopale & Bison Tacos
Paprikas Csirke (Chicken Paprikesh)
Paprika Lamb Stew (Lamb Golyas)
Pistachio Crusted Schnitzel w/ Beet Cherry Chutney
Roast Duck Crepes with Arugula & Strawberry Plum Sauce
Sausages with Winter Rosti
Shepherds Pie
Smoky Chipotle Lasagna
Swedish Meatballs
Thai Mango Red Curry w/ Grilled Pineapple


Chorizo Potato Boats
Habas con Jamon (broad beans with Jamon)
Honied Dates
Roasted Rosemary Sunchokes
Summer Vegetable Gratin
Winter Rosti


Balsamic Driftwood Ale Reduction
Banana Pepper Hot Sauce
Beet Cherry Chutney
Cape Gooseberry Vinaigrette
Cilantro Yogurt
Citrus-Habanero Hot Sauce  
Firey Mango Lime Sauce
Fiery Chili Hot Sauce
Homemade Mustard Piquante
Honey Anise Vinaigrette
Korma Curry Paste
Lemongrass Chili Reduction
Pickled Fennel with Orange
Strawberry Plum Sauce
Thai Green Curry Paste
Verdi Hot Sauce


Apple Cinnamon Biscotti
Black Currant Scones
Chocolate Beet Cake with Homemade Vanilla Icing
Chocolate Cake with Pulverized Pistachios and Espresso Icing
Chocolate Covered Bananas Wrapped in Toasted Walnuts
Classic Tiramisu
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Crunchy Pistachios
Driftwood Farmhand Focaccia
Mango Infused Crepes with Bananas & Strawberries
Naan (Indian Flatbread)
Red Wine Poached Pears


1806 Old Fashioned
Christmas Caucasian
The Happy John (Orange Boston Sour) 
Maple & Spice Mulled Wine 
Old Fashioned (Kristy's Version)
Summer Strawberry Mojitos