Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Years Highlights

The Lowdown:

Homemade Naan
Being the first post of the new year, Kristy and I thought it would be fun to highlight our past year. I know, super original and all that jazz. Regardless of the lack of originality we're doing it anyway, because we're just like that (insert 90's hip-hop pose). It has been an interesting year in terms of culinary experiences, and although it may be a boring post, I am too lazy to make food after the holidays. In other words, deal with it (or don't you're an adult).

For starters, my new years lie (resolution) is, and has been for the last 6 years, to try new things. It's ambiguous, fail proof, and encourages you to be a bit more daring. Daring in the sense of trying a different entree at your favourite restaurant, not in the sense of jumping off a roof with a cape around your neck. 

To encourage this, a group of friends and I have started going to a new restaurant every Friday to try out different cuisines or different renditions on the classics. That has brought forward the flavours of Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, American, Tapas, Polish, and German cuisines. Not to mention beer. A whole lot of beer. 

Pistachio Crusted Schnitzel w/ Beet Cherry Chutney
I tried my first octopus this year, which I loved a lot more than I thought I would. I smoked food for the first time. Made homemade bread for the first time. Tried a maple syrup donut beer. Tried bacon vodka. Experienced my first two day hangover (for the love of everything holy, that's the first sign of getting old... or stupid). Tried ox tail for the first time. To sum it up, this blog has inspired me to break my habits and really explore the world of food and beverage. Well, I was doing it on my own prior to this blog; however, seeing as I am writing this post I will simply say it is all because of the blog.

I'm not sure how we are supposed to be doing this post, as Kristy and I have resorted to talking via text messages, but from what I gathered we are putting up a list of our favourite posts throughout the year.

Bodacious Beet & Barley Burgers

The Playlist:

  1. I'd say all in all, my favourite post of the year was the Bodacious Beet & Barley Burgers. They are mind-blowingly healthy, fairly easy to make (other than the dyed hands), and packed a wallop of flavour. Add goat cheese and sliced apple to that mix and you may consider going vegetarian (just kidding). What's better is that you don't feel bad about cooking them on a cast iron skillet (damn you BBQ haters on my strata council).
  2. Although it's not a recipe, my second favourite post(s) has been all of the RPIs. It is an extremely fun and creative way to try new ingredients. It has also been a way to alter childhood classics into something a bit more acceptable (ps. dipping grilled cheese sandwiches into chocolate milk will never be acceptable).
  3. My favourite drink (cocktail) post is of course, the Happy John (Orange Boston Sour). The story still makes me laugh to myself from time to time. That, of course, is secondary to the fact that I actually really enjoy the drink. It makes me feel so sophisticated, suave, and intelligent. So pretty much, everything I'm not.
  4. This blog has helped to enforce that Kristy and I stay in somewhat regular contact with each other. As many of you know she moved across the world, so this helps tie us together. Sentimental, yes; but it is one of the main reasons that I wanted to continue this blog throughout the new year. 
  5. Finally, I'd like to thank every individual person and guest that read, tried out our recipes, pinned (whatever that is), helped promote, commented, or featured our recipes on their site. You're all pretty darn awesome in my mind. Cheers to a new year full of bad jokes, mediocre food, and bickering.
The Happy John (Orange Boston Sour)

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