Thursday, February 02, 2012

Leek & Cabbage Soup

The Lowdown:

While at the grocery store, I saw leeks. Normally I just walk right past these, because it's just something I do. But today, well, today was different. They seemed abnormally un-walk-past-able. So, as you may have concluded, I grabbed one. Apparently being hung-over turns you into a senior, because I also grabbed cabbage too. Now that I think about it, I was also complaining about my back pain, sore knees, and rap music. I may have even used the word, "dangfangled."

This led to standing in my kitchen confused about my purchases, wondering how I could utilize them. I do love leek and potato soup. One problem, I don't have potatoes. I did have a cabbage soup at an Italian/French restaurant over the winter holidays that I loved. One thing about restaurants is they are secretive about their recipes. No problem! How hard could it possibly be to make leeks and cabbage taste good together? I could just cheat and look up a recipe. Yah, that didn't help. The only recipes available were leek and potato soups. Foiled again! As previously stated, "how hard could this possibly be?" Step 1: grow some balls and just do it! Step 2: laugh, because step one is kinda funny. Step 3: stop laughing, because my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy for laughing in the kitchen alone. Step 4: take an anti-gas pill because you're about to consume cabbage.

This is my attempt at adding ingredients that I don't normally use, while trying to be healthy. May I also add, soup saves hang-overs. PS. if you're wondering, this is the same hang-over as the one previously described in the Falafel w/ Cilantro Yogurt post. In retrospect, the soup actually went wonderfully with the aforementioned recipe. However, it did not restore me to normal health.

The Playlist:

(Printable Recipe)

5 cups Chicken broth (or 9 cups water w/ 3 tbsp chicken bullion powder).
4 cups Water (skip this step if you used the 9 cups of water).
1 Leak, coursely chopped.
4 cups Green cabbage, coursely chopped
3 tbsp Dry white wine
2 tsp Pepper, ground
Salt to taste

The Skinny:

  1. Put all of the ingrendients into a large enough pot.
  2. Turn onto high heat and bring to a boil.
  3. Cover and boil for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Optional: use an immersion blender to create desired texture (I appreciated the larger pieces of cabbage and leek, so I only blended the largest pieces).

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