Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Little More "About Us"

So this last month was dreadful... for you guys. For that, we are sorry. We will try to never take a month off again. So to get back into the swing of things Kristy and I thought that we would do another little Q & A. Think of it as a way for us to get our blogging caps back on again after a long - and I mean long - enjoyable break. I guess, it's also a chance for you, the readers, to get a tiny glimpse of who we really are. Luckily, it's only a tiny glimpse. Any more knowledge of us and it would be a complete and utter disaster (especially Kristy, she's crazy).

What do you miss most now that Kristy lives in Toronto?

I have nobody that equals or outmatches my ability to rant about nothing anymore. Also, nobody complains when I eat McDonalds now, so there is nobody to keep me in check.

What do you miss most since Haydn still lives in Victoria?

His laugh. And lazing on his couch with a glass of wine. (H: I would hardly say there was ever any "lazing," it was more of a break from bickering.)

What have you learned since starting this blog?

 H: I have learned that, unfortunately, this culinary realm seems to be a lot more superficial than I originally would have assumed. Food porn, it appears, is more important that substance or creativity (K: It IS porn, you know! Not that that's a bad thing...). With that in mind, I have also learned that it gets increasingly difficult to stay creative with your recipes as time goes on (sometimes you just crave the same thing over and over again). Finally, I have learned that shopping at 1am is a blessing that can't be described by mere mortal words.

K: It IS porn, after all, no? What I've learned - While I want to post more than I do on this blog, I just don't have the time. Gastronomical Sovereignty is still my primary blog and 3 posts per week there means only 1 here. I'm sad for that. Also, I don't like goat meat, I do enjoy teasing Haydn and while I'm all for a little roughness in the bedroom, Fifty Shades of Grey is a terrifying novel of abuse and torture - it's not romantic people!

What menu items are you always happiest to see when visiting a new restaurant?

H: Cheese plates, real mac n cheese, oceanwise mussels, blackened snapper (or similar fish), butter chicken, duck poutine, root chips... I just got lost thinking about food, but that is just a few of them.

K: Mac and cheese. Obviously. And any clever rendition of whatever is in season locally from happy food producers at that time.

Name one food item that you are planning to use, that you have never used before.

H: Bison heart. Luckily enough, I've befriended a few chefs and we've discussed the idea of a cured, smoked bison heart.

K. I'm going to ferment foods. And then eat them.

Other than cooking, what are you pastimes?

H: Skimboarding, poking around in specialty food stores, complaining (K: aye. yes.), being the #1 boyfriend candidate, playing hockey with the boys, beer, and plotting how to escape to a tropical island.

K: Food food food! Reading books, camping, wine, swooning over Joseph Gordon-Levitt and plotting how to keep Haydn on said tropical island.

Favourite ice cream?

H: Being lactose intolerant it's a trick question (K: Why did you always let me feed you so much cheese???). I would have to say a good quality strawberry or peanut butter (if I'm willing to deal with the stomach pains).

K: Neopolitan. Or mint chocolate chip. 

If you were to be any dog breed, what would it be?

H: Jack Russell. Too much energy and no purpose.

K. Chow Chow. I'm fuzzy (I don't shave as often as I should), I have a cute face and a tendency to bite. (H: She's not joking about the biting either)

What are your guilty pleasures when it comes to food?

H: Cheezies, KD, microwavable burritos, McDonalds, Doritos (only the spicy ones), Eagle Brand (only in my espresso), brownies & cookies.

K: Italian food. Frequently and without apology to my thighs. Also, KD when hung over.

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