Thursday, September 06, 2012

A mini-break... Bridget Jones would say... is a sign of true love.

But knowing Haydn, I don't think I'm going to get too far with much Ms. Jones speak so here's the deal:

With all the hecticness and crazy wild adventures of life going on right now - I'm moving across the country and obnoxiously dear Haydn is starting school - there just isn't time for blogging. Seriously. Unless you want us to stab our loved ones in our sleep - something Bridget wouldn't approve of - we need a break.

Yeah, it's true, a few things have changed. Primarily, our time available to do anything. Kristy has moved across the entire universe it seems, and I've started a single course again. So the two aren't exactly equal, but still, we are both busy. Too busy. Maybe it's because we started this together, maybe it's because one of us completely left the other to move to the other coast, or maybe it's because we just needed a month off. Regardless, time seems to be a scarce commodity. For this reason, we will be taking September off to regain our composure.  Err, we never had any composure to regain in the first place.

Speak for yourself sir!

I'm sure that you will forgive us. Actually, there isn't really a choice. By now, you are surely addicted to our antics and poor sense of humor. By poor, I mean amazing. Oh right, the recipes and cooking techniques might be a close second. Despite what is first or second in your minds, we have taken a slight siesta. Just something we have to do folks. School, life, life, and life are all things that command our attention. Oh right, and Kristy moved half way across the universe.

We will be back shortly, don't forget us. Or if you do forget us, make sure you remember us when come back. If you do by chance forget us, at least it will give us a second chance for a good first impression.

Haydn, you don't give a good first impression. I, on the other hand, am lovely. And charming. And have a great rack. The point is though, this mini-break is FAR from permanent... Keep us on your bloglovin' and in your blog feed and keep harassing us on twitter and facebook because I promise we'll be back the first week of October. We just need some space. It's not you - it's us.

....And as Bridget says - it's the sign of true love. (i had to get it in one more time)...

.....that's what she said....

xo - happy eating and drinking,

Kristy & Haydn