Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recipes from Another Blog...oops.

So Haydn mentioned in his last post that he was "supposed" to post a recipe from another blog. I should let you in on something here... we have a schedule. Kind of. Mostly. But you probably didn't know that. 

This is what it looks like: get the idea...

So this week we're on recipe from another blog or cookbook. Haydn's post was so sweet. Little Nan and her no knead bread. I need me some of that!

My post... is so lazy. Actually, my post is so sick. But I'm starting to feel better now so don't you worry your pretty little head about me.

That being said, I unfortunately haven't cooked anything in over a week because of the flu. So instead, I'll share some recipes from some blogs I want to make. In no particular order - except maybe the order I would eat them:

Tell me that isn't a breakfast, lunch, and dinner worthy of...... unbuttoning your pants at the table and laying flat out on the floor after because you've just gluttoned yourself to oblivion and back.

That's right. 

Stay tuned next week for an actual recipe from me - I promise.



  1. Okay, now I've had to add even more recipes to my list of things to make thanks to you :) Seriously, there's some fabulous recipe links here - thank you for sharing them. And I do hope you feel much better very soon!!

    1. i seriously have so many .... i'll never get to them all!

  2. These do look really good list of recipes, Kristy--especially that popcorn...just kidding. I really am kind of in love with the idea of root beer granita shots--even if whipped cream flavored vodka kind of freaks me out...

    1. yeah... i don't know if i can even get that in Canada.