Thursday, August 30, 2012

Figured Figs Were a Good Idea

....And I was right!

But before we get to that... I must tell you: It is an end of an era. And I'm not talking about the Lance Armstrong debacle - seriously though folks, can't we just let the guy be? Hasn't losing parts of his manly bits been hard enough on him? His tests have been clean. Refusal to participate in on-going harassment doesn't = guilt, it does however mean he might not be willing to subject his life, energy, emotions, time, and money in what could possibly be an endless (and fruitless) inquiry into his abilities. And also, why do we care so much about whether he did or didn't juice? Is that going to determine if you get that raise next month? Or establish where your next vacation should be? Or what color you decide to highlight your hair? Let the guy alone for gods sake.

Wow. That one really got away from me. Uhhh....

Right. End of an era. I'm moving across the country tomorrow from Victoria to Toronto. Holy crap.

As I said yesterday on Gastronomical Sovereignty, everything is in boxes, the movers just came, and I will be sleeping on quality MEC camping gear for the next 9-14 days until my shit shows up at the new place. So I'm leaving you with two gifts over the next two weeks...

The first is a fabulous guest post next week from the ever amazing Courtney @ The Fig Tree. She's got a real gem in store for you! 

The second is a recipe inspired by the title of her blog.... because I figured figs were a good idea. And as I said above, I was right! But c'mon, let's be honest here - when am I ever not right?

Figs are just about everywhere right now. Soft, juicy, deliciously tangy yet tenderly sweet... I love me some figs!

When brother was in town visiting this week I picked up a basket at the farmer's market. And boy sure as heck as ants on a log I was happy that I did! This little dish is simple, quick, and fabulously sweet yet salty to boot!

I suggest you make some for yourself. Soon.

Stuffed & Tucked Prosciutto Wrapped Figs
(printable recipe) - serves 4.


4 Ripe Figs.
6 Oz Quality Soft Goats Cheese.
4 Big Basil Leaves.
4 Thin Slices of Prosciutto.
4 Tbsp Local Organic Honey.
'Lil Balsamic Reduction.
Small Handful of Toasted Walnuts, roughly chopped.
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, to taste.

What to Do:

Pre-heat your BBQ to medium-high heat.

As that warms, place the goat cheese and black pepper in a bowl and mash together.

Make a thin slit in the side of each fig to the center. Gently stuff with an ounce or so of peppery cheese and place basil leaf on top of the cut. Carefully wrap in a piece of prosciutto and carefully press to hold.

Place figs on the grill and BBQ for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes per side or until prosciutto is crisp and cheese is oozy.

Plate and drizzle with honey, balsamic reduction and sprinkle with a few chopped nuts.


Wish me luck, my lovelies!



  1. Balsamic Reduction is a GREAT addition to this amazing dish. Well done you. We ate about 10 of these on Saturday night, but I am craving more more moooooorrrre! Good luck with the move!! xx

    1. thank you lovely!!! moooooooorrrrrre is always a good idea. love it!!

  2. Figs were definitely a good idea! What a wonderful recipe! Not only do they sound delicious, your Stuffed & Tucked Proscuitto Wrapped Figs look amazing. Hope the move is going well!

    1. aw thank you!! too bad i obliterated them when i cut into em. haha.

      p.s. the move is good. stressful but good ;)